The Velvet Touch Events is a premier event planning and floral design studio specializing in exclusively designed, elegant affairs.  Our unique designs are defined by your vision, along with our attention to detail and love for exquisite design. Our team of professionals share a passion for creating exceptional moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Captivating venues, luxurious fabrics, stunning floral, delectable desserts and fascinating stationery are some of the many elements that make our events unforgettable. Our weddings & events reflect the importance of life’s most significant moments.  And it is through these moments that we express our true love for our craft.

If we were building a house, your vision would be the foundation.  What we do is meaningless without you.  And the vision for your special event is simply an extension of who you are.  What is your vision?  A winter wonderland?  A chic & modern nightclub vibe with the city as your backdrop? A timeless romance in an elegant ballroom? Together, we will bring your vision to life with a celebration that truly is all you’ve ever dreamed of. With your vision, our organization and creativity, and the experience of our amazing vendors, we will create a custom design that suits your style and personality.  From the moment the first guest arrives until the very last fond farewell; your event will be remembered for years to come!

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